Learning a language takes more than a few weeks. Which is why we offer online tuition via Skype, as a convenient means of continuation.

PROJECTS & Excursions

PROBIGUA is short for Proyecto Bibliotecas Guatemala - the mobile library project, which expanded into building libraries & rural schools.



Our 1-on-1 residential courses focus on personalization, with a variety of specialised course options to teach you Spanish for YOUR needs.

our mission:

At PROBIGUA, we aim to go beyond theoretical knowledge of Spanish. We want, above all, to help you SPEAK - to develop your ability to APPLY the knowledge that you gain. The outcome we strive for, is that you will be able to communicate, to understand and be understood, in the everyday settings of the real world.  We know that every student is unique, with a particular own combination of aptitude, learning preferences, and study goals. We help you develop your practical skills with our 1-on-1 immersion tuition, coupled with homestay with a local hispanic family, and backed by the specialised course material and methodologies provided by our online partner and academic content provider, Excellentia Didactica. Through their well-developed systems for online tuition via Skype, we also offer the ability to continue your tuition after leaving here, doing so flexibly and affordably in the comfort of your own home. PROBIGUA is proud to be an accredited exam center for SIELE, allowing you to get your progress certified before leaving.


 PROBIGUA, STARTED IN 1990, is non-profit, benefiting our students, our maestras and our nation's children.

PROBIGUA, the Spanish language school with a PURPOSE.



to help you learn Spanish YOUR way, developing real-world communication skills

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HOMESTAY ​in beautiful surrounds

La Antigua is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, rich in history and in cultural & natural beauty. Our homestays fit all pockets.