If you have able hands and a warm heart, we want your help. Please speak with Sra. Mirna Ortiz about our social PROJECTS, so that together we can see where best to make use of your talents. Thanks in advance for your willingness and contribution! See our PROJECTS button and our Facebook page for more info and for photos of our projects:


SIELE & OPI center

For information on how the SIELE functions and how to register, please visit the excellent official English SIELE website:


For information on the USA's equivalent test, the OPI, see their equally informative site: 


We offer these tests six days per week (excluding Sundays)

Dr. Willem Steenkamp

Founder & Director

Mission & Vision

Our  vision is a world lit by learning. Our mission is to develop our students' communicative competency in Spanish, doing so in the most effective, personalized, flexible and affordable ways that modern pedagogics and IT make possible - then leveraging this to provide work for our maestras and learning opportunities for our children in rural areas of Guatemala.

Our team:

Rigoberto Zamora

Thanks to our foreign students, we are able to do a lot to promote learning opportunities for rural children!

Sra. Mirna Ortiz

Willem is our Director of Studies.

He manages Excellentia Didactica, our academic content partner, and is official coordinator of our SIELE exam center. A former ambassador, Willem was head of the diplomatic academy of South Africa.

Sra. Cindy Castellanos

You may know that PROBIGUA started as Proyectos Bibliotecas Guatemala (our social outreach with mobile libraries, to bring educational opportunities to rural children). This has since expanded, with the help  of the Swiss PROBIGUA Foundation, into building schools in these deprived areas. You may also know that Probigua is a non-profit, with your paid use of our language school being leveraged to benefit our projects, and to provide employment to our tutors. We were honored to receive recognition from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and His Holiness the Pope for these endeavours, but our greatest recognition and joy lies in the smiling faces of our young beneficiaries. We are equally proud of the fact that our school has been accredited as SIELE exam center. It is my pleasure to invite you to come and learn Spanish with us here in beautiful La Antigua Guatemala (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) in a family atmosphere, knowing that you will be in good hands and that you will be benefiting a good cause.


OUR MAESTRAS: Our tutors are all highly experienced professionals, who are specifically trained to teach Spanish as foreign language. They receive regular training from our academic content provider, Excellentia Didactica, as well as suitable materials developed specifically for teaching English-speaking students Spanish (every one of our in-house workbooks that you as student receive free, in English, they also receive in Spanish, so that maestras and students can be on the "same page"). They also have at their disposal Probigua's print and digital library, as well as its array of audiovisual resources, plus our large bank of powerful computers served by high-quality cabled internet connections (we also have wifi available for your laptops, iPads or tablets). Our tutors are familiar with the SIELE & OPI, and are able to help you in your preparation for that - Probigua is an accredited SIELE exam center as well as an OPI proctor institution.

Mirna is our bilingual Student Coordinator and receptionist. She's your go-to person for info about La Antigua, your homestay, transport, etc.

Cindy is our accounts manager, who handles all payments and queries about finances.