Are you prepping for an exam of Spanish as foreign language? For example, the examen DELE or its new online twin, the SIELE? Or the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) of the ACTFL, or perhaps a U.S. College Board exam such as the AP or SAT?  You know that these are not examinations of your abstract knowledge of grammar theory. Rather, they test your ability to actuallycommunicate in Spanish - to understand and be understood. Which is very different from normal school or college exams. 

Unfortunately, though, there aren't many focused resources out there to help you prep for something as different as the DELE / SIELE or the OPI - just more grammar handbooks. There's virtually nothing to familiarize you with the unique format of each exam, or the curricula covered by the different DELE / SIELE levels , or the goals of the OPI. Where can you learn what the marking criteria are for these exams, or how to analyse the multiple choice questions of the DELE / SIELE, or how to effectively communicate in their different writing formats? Where can you get a comprehensive DELE / SIELE exam preparation book? Not to speak of the all-important oral interaction practice... 

We at PROBIGUA know these challenges first-hand. Our specialized DELEhelp division knows the OPI and the DELE / SIELE from the student perspective (our head having himself passed DELE C2) and as you know, we are an accredited SIELE exam center. We know that, what students really want, is practical and affordable, one-on-one exam preparation. We understand that you need your own unique personalized study plan based on your particular strengths and weaknesses + dedicated study material in English + experienced tutors, In conjunction with, this is what PROBIGUA can offer you - intensive "polishing" immersion here in La Antigua prior to your exam, preceded by the very necessary weeks of specialist online prep, via Skype. To get an idea of our course content and resources, please visit our DELEhelp blog by clicking on this LINK.

People in business know that our world has globalized (meaning more opportunity for foreign trade, but requiring foreign language skills).  At the same time, due to growing innovation, the number of product lines and services have further diversified (thus requiring more specialization in the language skills needed to sell each). Business Spanish definitely isn't "one size fits all". At PROBIGUA we know that time is money - and that the quickest, most focused results require personalized, one-on-one tutoring. In places like New York City, one-on-one Spanish classes for business can cost more than one hundred dollar per hour. Thanks to Guatemala's low-cost environment, we can offer intesive  immersion tuition for a fraction of that cost, combined with affordable homestay that extends your immersion in hispanic culture beyond the classroom. Your immersion tuition can also be seamlessly supplemented by focused online tuition via Skype, when you are back on the job.

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At PROBIGUA, we want to help you learn Spanish YOUR way, while maintaining international standards. We cherish that all human beings are unique, with individual learning preferences, aptitudes and interests. Our 1-on-1 immersion is ideally suited to this personalized way of tutoring. Whatever course you choose, you can be sure that it will be adapted to your needs, with an individualized study plan based on your level, goals and aptitude.

When you register with us, our Director of Studies, Dr. Willem Steenkamp, will get in touch with you to determine your needs and preferences. You will receive a Study Plan Questionnaire, and Willem is available for a free prior conversation with you via Skype. Based on this, you will receive appropriate orientation material (as downloadable e-books). These you can review before arriving at PROBIGUA, so that you can hit the ground running. Please bring a laptop / tablet / iPad with you (Antigua is quite safe) so that you can benefit from all the latest digital resources that we will be putting at your disposal - that way you are not just staring at printed text, but will enjoy access to audio and video as well.

Our course packages do not have rigid boundaries. We often cross-use materials when appropriate, and we can mix and match content to suit your individual needs. The packages serve to illustrate the broad range of themes that we cover - the objective still remains for each student to be tutored in terms of an own, unique personal study plan, no matter which package is chosen. The packages all have the exact same rates. All our tuition conform to the guidelines and standards of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which aims at improving your real-world communicative competency, rather than merely focusing on abstract academic knowledge; we help you to DO - to speak - not just to know.

In all cases our students can choose to do one of the SIELE exam formats at the end of their course, to have their progress independently and authoritatively certified (in which case, the last few days will be spent on SIELE format familiarization, tapping into our DELEhelp package).  

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We are proud of our long association with colleges, seminaries, the U.S. Military and the nursing profession. Of course, we are even more proud of the dedicated students they have sent us over the years, to be taught practical Spanish for use in outreach when living their vocations. Our vocational tuition is very much focused on developing communicative competency, especially speaking, plus listening and reading comprehension.  As always, it is personalized, with an own study plan for each student. The vocabulary is also focused on that profession's particular needs, and we use appropriate learning resources - for example, for the seminarians, the quarterly book of daily homelies as reading material.  These vocational courses can also be integrated with appropriate field work and more intensive exposure to our social projects.

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​If you are an English-speaker just starting out learning Spanish, then PROBIGUA's unique Spanish ACCESS course for novices will help you to quickly start communicating - through approaching Spanish from your familiar English linguistic base. In grammar, we focus initially on the composite tenses (i.e, similar to English) thus avoiding unnecessary "conjugation overload". Since Spanish and English both belong to the Indo-European language family, some 38% of vocabulary actually is related - we teach you the basic "conversion patterns" to transform familiar English words into Spanish. Above all, we practice conversation, to help fluency and improve the very important pronunciation (if you make grammar mistakes, listeners can still mentally compensate and follow, but if you mispronounce, they're usually totally lost).

Our FlexiSpanish immersion is for the student with unique individual needs not really catered for under our other packages - in that case, we design a special study plan just for you. FlexiSpanish is also aimed at students who have already attained a level of fluency in Spanish, and who want to do periodic immersion to maintain their Spanish (this then can mesh perfectly with our online tuition, where we offer such "maintenance" via Skype, in the form of more informal, conversation-based tuition).  Our status as an accredited SIELE exam center allows our students to have their progress certified at the end of their course. For those (such as the Military) who do the DLPT5 to obtain their "flip-bee" bonuses, we include specific exam familiarization as well.

You're in your golden years; you know the importance of keeping your body fit, as well as your mind... You also now have more free time, and sometimes may feel a little lonely, or maybe just dreaming about new horizons to discover, itching for new challeges...  Well, it's been scientifically proven that there's no better way to keep the brain sharp than learning a new language! We make it fun and interesting, with you and your new Latina tutor-friend chatting, playing intellectually stimulating games and discovering a rich new world of literature, music, art and culture. ​A bonus of learning Spanish is your new ability to communicate, in their own tongue, with many of your regular service providers,  such as care-givers - and then to experience their appreciation...

Through our association with our online partner Excellentia Didactica ( you can continue your Spanish adventure, with a PROBIGUA tutor, via Skype - you will enjoy how this relationship will blossom into friendship, filling sometimes empty hours with new knowledge, skills and widened horizons. If you want to embark on this medically-proven mind-maintenance adventure, there's no better or more affordable place to start than PROBIGUA, the langage school with a purpose, knowing that your relationship with us is making an important social contribution and knowing that your immersion visit here, can seamlessly continue online.