It takes more than a few weeks of immersion to learn a new language. Once learned, it is also essential to keep practicing that language, so as not to lose your heard-earned skills.  Fortunately, modern technology such as Skype now allows one to study and practice Spanish from the comfort of one's own home - efficiently, affordably and conveniently.

Our online courses are managed by our academic content partner Excellentia Didactica ( using Probigua maestras. The course packages offered online are essentially the same as the  ones listed for immersion tuition (see our COURSES section). Your immersion and online tuition will seamlessly integrate.

COST: Our online tuition is cost-efficient, because there are no plane tickets to pay, no accommodation costs and no opportunity cost in the form of being away from work. Given Guatemala's low cost environment and tax system which doesn't levy sales tax on services rendered across borders, our rates are unbeatable - we charge only US$11 per hour of actual Skype face-time (except for our DELEhelp exam prep course, where the rate is $12 per hour).  You will receive our in-house workbooks and course materials gratis, and our maestras' time in preparing your individualized personal study plan, preparing your Skype sessions, as well as reviewing your homework and mock exams, is entirely free. We bill the old way, at the end of each month, so there are no coupons to buy and no advance payments to make.

PAYMENT:  Paying us is secure, quick and with NO transfer costs for you, all conveniently done ONLINE,  with PayPal.  You don't have to send us your credit card or bank account information - that remains safely with PayPal. You can do it all, in minutes, from the comfort of your own home.

SCHEDULING: Studying or practicing your Spanish online with us is convenient, because our Acuity online scheduling system is entirely flexible, allowing you to choose your own schedule, and - if needed - to change up to one hour ahead of a booked session, without any penalty.  

COURSES: For more information on our specialized course packages for online tuition, please go to our secure site:  There you will see our selection of options, such as:

DELEhelp (for DELE / SIELE and OPI exam prep); 

* FlexiSpanish (individualized, more informal conversation-based tuition for maintaining your Spanish);

* Spanish ACCESS (ACCESS meaning Accelerated Conversation Course for English-Speaking Students);

* Spanish for Business;

* Vocational Spanish (specialized courses for professionals in the medical field, or religion, diplomacy, military and the like); 

* BrainGainSpanish  (specially designed, fun course content for seniors, keeping the mind active and providing online friendship);

and much more.

YOUR OWN UNIQUE COURSE: We design each student's personalized study plan from scratch, just for you, tailored to your own specific needs - your academic or professional goals, your learning preferences, aptitude, available time / budget and pre-existing level of Spanish (the first thing we do, is a proper diagnostic to inform this individualized study plan, which is developed in close consultation with you, for your approval).

FREE SKYPE offers a FREE, one-hour exploratory Skype session - why not contact them and see how our online options can work for you? To go to the secure eDELE website,  CLICK HERE