Our Projects and excursions

PROBIGUA was founded in 1990 as a non-profit that is dedicated to bringing educational opportunities to disadvantaged rural children in Guatemala. The first venture (from which the name PROBIGUA derives - Proyecto Bibliotecas Guatemala) was the mobile library initiative.

To see a recent video on this particular project, please follow this link: Video Bibliobus

The mobile library project soon expanded into building and equipping libraries at rural schools (16 thus far). Motivated by the needs we observed, this then grew into building entire schools (12 to date), and awarding bursaries to deserving students. PROBIGUA's efforts were internationally recognised in 2001 when the Bill and Meldinda Gates Foundation accorded us their ACCESS TO LEARNING award. Our efforts also benefit greatly from our close working relationship with the Swiss PROBIGUA Foundation. In 2016, our founder / director, Don Rigoberto Zamora, enjoyed the honor of being received by the Pope, in the Vatican. 

The language school is an integral part of our charitable work. It serves as contact point with students and friends from around the world, and provides our tutors with the opportunity to apply their skills.  In 2017 PROBIGUA was accredited as exam center for the gold standard SIELE certification of real-world communicative competency in Spanish, which testifies to our high academic standards.

Learning a new language should be fun as well, not just hard studying. Therefore, our projects offer opportunity to students to engage with worthwhile causes (and see a bit of the countryside). Of course, we do arrange social events at the school. Students can also go on organised excursions to interesting places, where participation is the key and where your Spanish exposure is simultaneously fostered in real-world contexts.  La Antigua Guatemala is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With the beauty of its natural and cultural landscapes, it is the most visited tourist destination in Central America. There is, therefore, much to see and do, in addition to learning Spanish in what Wikipedia describes as one of the world's leading centers for teaching the language to foreigners.

Check out this short New York Times Video on the attractions of La Antigua Guatemala, and have a look at the slide-show below, to see some photos of our projects and excursions.