Your homestay with an approved family is organized for you by Probigua. Apart from providing you with accommodation and three wholesome, typical Guatemalan meals per day (except Sundays), you will enjoy the benefit of living with a Spanish-speaking family. This provides opportunity to practice your Spanish and to get to know the culture and cuisine at its most authentic. 

For a 7-day homestay, the total charge is only US$120, including 3 meals per day (except on Sundays). Wifi, in-room TV etc. may be additional (see photos of typical homestay accommodation below).




US$11 per hour, based on actual Skype face-to-face time ($12 for DELE / SIELE / OPI exam prep help). All of your  tutor's time in preparing your personalized study plan, plus preparing for your Skype sessions and reviewing your homework and mock exams, is included, and thus FREE. You will also receive all our in-house workbooks and resources completely GRATIS.

Payment for online tuition is billed monthly, via PayPal. There are no coupons to buy or advance payments to make - you will be sent a monthly invoice, billing your actual Skype hours that month. Reservations are done online, with complete flexibility; classes may be changed up to one hour ahead, without penalty.

Click on the ONLINE menu button to go to a page with more info on our Skype tuition (managed by

INDIVIDUAL one-on-one classes (total tuition cost per week, based on 5 days of classes per week)

US$160 for 20 hours per week;

US$180 for 25 hours per week;

US$200 for 30 hours per week;

US$220 for 35 hours per week.

Classes are a maximum of 4 hours in the morning (8am to 12noon) and three hours max in the afternoon (2pm to 5pm).  It is possible to have different teachers in the morning and afternoon, if so desired.

GROUP CLASSES (2 persons or more):

US$100 per person for 20 hours per week;

US$110 per person for 25 hours per week.